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In recent years, men's moccasins have become more popular. This type of shoe is often chosen by men who value both good style and complete walking comfort. The Conhpol brand has prepared Federico leather moccasins with a timeless design that will be a great addition to any everyday outfit. Federico men's moccasins are made of exceptionally soft genuine leather. The manufacturer, paying attention to detail, used a durable sole in the shoes, which guarantees shock absorption on various types of soil. High-quality genuine leather is easy to clean and resistant to abrasion and weather conditions. The soft inner insole adapts perfectly to the foot, protecting against abrasions when walking. Federico leather moccasins are a good option for work or social gatherings. Moccasins look great against fabric trousers, classic jeans or elegant shorts.

Brown Federico moccasins

SKU: C00C-5238-493A-00P28
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